Posterior Vitreous Detachment

What is Posterior Vitreous Detachment?

Posterior Vitreous Separation is the condition where the Vitreous gel separates from the Retina leading to symptoms of ‘Flashes and Floaters’. Most patients experience Posterior Vitreous Detachment after the age 60.

  • Despite being a normal process of ‘growing up’, this may be a harbinger of Retinal Tears and/or Retinal Detachments – which are vision threatening conditions.
  • If you are having ‘Flashes and Floaters’, please contact Dallas Retina Center for an evaluation.
  • Dr. Pandya can investigate for Retinal Tears and/or Retinal Detachments – and provide appropriate treatment.
  • Our goal is to maximize your vision and improve your quality of life.

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